About us

We full heartedly believe that everyone has to explore and discover the taste of the real beer. We've travelled all around the world, got to know a lot of interesting and passionate people, tried and explored vast variety of craft beer from all around the globe in order to create a place for you where you can discover and enjoy the best beer from thousands of miles away.

9Mta, translated as nine mountains, meant to signify a long road less traveled, became the hub for craft beer scene in Georgia. A pioneer in its concept, the bar offers 24 taps of leading international breweries such as: Mikkeller, Nogne, BrewDog, BRLO, Stone, ToOl, Omnipollo and its own namesake brand represented by five distinct styles.  With a dazzling tap list, you can feel free to explore over 70 different bottle/can varieties.

All of the beers, presented to you here, are nurtured by the tireless and passionate brewers, whose happiness is growing sip by sip. They carefully handpick the ingredients and their sparkling artistry never fails to surprise us. 

Each beer savored by you, will always leave the special trace of its blooming aroma and ever consuming taste.

we hope, you will never stop exploring the ever-growing world of craft beer.

Cheers to you!